Women of Time


Panel 2

The second Panel and a very significant piece to the whole, the bold use of color and continuous flowing line signifies a homage to the underlining and at times often underestimated strength and stability of Women, who not only in our personal lives influence culture and politics. Its imperative in order to establish peace globally, that Men in high positions of power accept and embrace the opinion and experience Women have. How their voice as a whole may affect our conflicting worlds internationally. “I was really thinking about Lichtenstein alot and his strong use of color and almost religious process of layering images, yet wanted to add graffiti street like elements of scribble kind of like a child mixed in with the innocence and beauty maybe of a Matisse, Goya, Velasquez, Mary Cassat, Alice Neel, or Frida Khalo portrait. I was taught by Alice Neel and am always thinking of her stories and paintings. And love Hans Hoffman too, and the way he breaks up space. The frames again play are very strong role in each of these pieces. Almost making them sculptural like a Joseph Bueys , Cornell or even thinking of Rachel Whiteread. “

The main figure is Quigley’s niece Samantha, who is 6 yrs old in the painting. Now 18, in college studying dance and biology in New York city. A 1986 Vogue magazine cover with Cindy Crawford is used as a both a metaphor and symbol how the objectificaton of women in our society has changed. The fact we now have a woman running for President for the first time in US history exemplifies Women with Power is now very much in Vogue.

Panel 2, oil, collage, oil crayon, pencil, acrylic on canvas
74×74” framed April 2016