Quigley has become known for painting portraits. Ironically, after having his first show in June 1985 right out of Philadelphia College of Art he had his first show with not only Andy Warhol, but at the gallery of Henry S. McNeil, one of the leading contemporary art collectors in the World. He was doing shows with Julian Schnabel, Clemente, Basquiat, Warhol, Haring, Arstschwager, Alice Neel, Barbara Kruger, etc right out of College.

In 1992, living in Los Angeles, he met Arnold Schwarzenegger at Fred Hoffman Gallery while perusing a David Salle exhibit. The two talked for a few minutes. Arnold then asked how much the Salle’s were. Quigley responded that he did not work there, just as the gallery director came out. Arnold asked to see his work. Three years later, 1995, Quigley met Shaquille Oneal and painted Shaq’s portrait, buying not only his own but Arnold’s portrait as well. Shaq became a Los Angeles Laker in 1996 and moved TWISM,(the world is mine) his business, into Arnold’s offices in Santa Monica. When hearing the news, and story, Arnold called and asked to see more paintings. This was the beginning of Quigley’s conceptual art and performance career.

Sometimes he goes on a whim and paints someone that inspires him, others seek him out for commissions. Today he is one of the most sought after portrait painters in the contemporary art market. Collectors are guessing who he will be inspired to paint next.


Quigley’s work is collected by over 600 people worldwide, including influential figures as Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, to athletes like Shaquille Oneal and Michael Jordan, Eminem, Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey.