There Once Was a Time

It's a very Competitive Arena. Who's in the Competition Again?
2 Sided Freestanding Framed Sculpture 20 x16"
2 works on paper, oil, crayon, pencil, wood, cinder block standoil, oil
2 piece framed Sculpture on Wooden Stand
1998- finished in 2106
see Karl Hutter Gallery for more information and photos

This painting again reflects the theme of nostalgia, and opportunity. We all have dreams when we are young to do something great. Memorabilia is like art, its an icon of the persons success. A baseball card or signed hockey stick is like a painting. People cherish it, collect it, hold it close like a memory.

"I painted Wayne Gretzky in 1994 or 95. I was given this hockey card after meeting him and his agent Michael Barnett through the great photographer Bill Livingston. We traded art for some money, my first apple computer, Hockey Jerseys etc. I even played pickup Hockey with Gretzky at Iceland his rink in LA. Time flies when you are doing what you love."

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