The Little Gem 2

Oil on canvas
14 x 16" Framed 2012-2015
First canvas started in East Hampton Studio. Worked on for 3 years.

"This may be one of my favorite and precious' pieces. After visiting the Phillips Collection in Washington DC 2014 and seeing Mondrian's beautiful little framed masterpiece gems behind glass., I decided to put all my favorite abstract paintings under glass as well. They kind of also remind me of Joseph Cornell, who is brilliant. The glass gives it a special reverence. I also kind of think this religious aspect of painting is kind of a dying quality in art. They are like homages to my heroes like Dekooning, Rauschenberg, Guston, Mondrian and also Vermeer. Schnabel made some great frames as well giving his work an Theatrical Ominous Presence that took the work to another and experience to another level. I love how he is always pushing his work beyond the banal."

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