Serve and Deserve


Panel 3 and 4

“Here I was trying as much to break away from myself and my idea of art as I could. I kept thinking how abstract serving or even traveling to a place like Afghanistan or any war zone must be like. I wanted to pay honor to the soldiers while having sympathy for all the citizens who are just victims of war. Including the families of soldiers. The painting has so many references to Miro, Picasso, Picabia, Schnabel, Neo Rausch and a whole bunch of others. Yet at the same time It was trying to be on it’s own. Like a soldier in a desert. Something I know little about but think about very often. God Bless all of us.”

This is the 3rd Panel and is again in honor of Staff Sargeant Marine Josh Krueger, founder of American Patriots Support Foundation. William was asked to research and paint Josh by a friend and local East Hampton policeman, Matthew Konchanasz, who put him in touch with Josh. Krueger entered active service in 1997. He served 2 UDP deployments with the First Battalion Fifth Marines, East Timor – Force Protection with First Battalion Fifth Marines, Egypt – Force Protection during Operation Birghtstar, and Iraq – Camp Fallujah. Josh was injured in Fallujah Iraq by a roadside bomb (IED) while conducting convoy operations II MEF FWD PSD in 2005. Josh was medically retired in 2006 and joined the private sector workforce in 2007 where he executed operations for a fire protection company consisting of $7.5 Million in revenue. Josh is married to his wife Jill and has two daughters.
In many cases several Marines and Vets have said in many different words how they remember the faceless children wearing American and European Brand clothing.
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Notorious B.I.G. is used as a symbol in the bottom right hand part of the painting for peace. Stopping the senseless, violent crime on our own soil and uniting as ONE is a potential positive step and strong stance towards peace domestically and internationally.

Panels 3 & 4, oil, acrylic, collage on canvas 80×80”
framed April 2016 [ 32’ x 6’ Painting]


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