Not Quite There

oil, crayon, acyrlic, pencil, collage, paper on canvas
72 x 54" 2016

This painting was created on a blank 6ft 1961 Miriam Shapiro canvas given to William by Framer Daniel Meeks and Eric Firestone Gallery, who represents the estate of Shapiro, a leading painter of the feminist movement in the 60s, and 70s.
"I love Eric's gallery. I was floored and humbled. Although I didnt know a lot about her work, I knew her name. Now that I saw quite a few paintings, I think she is brilliant. I'm very moved by her consistency through an amazing versatility and hand. She tackled some pretty diverse themes in her long career. And did them all so well. I'd say she is a major painter that hopefully people will now begin to realize her impact.
I wanted to do something great on this canvas. This is what I came up with. After sitting looking at a blank canvas for weeks. I kind of thought it would take years and I'd never finish it. It would be some epic Three Musicians type painting. But this happened. I really like it, but not sure it's good. I'm not sure about any of them, but I like the fun and freedom in these new pieces."

Price Upon Request.