MTV Book

In 1994, two friends and I had an idea for a hip, fast paced, reality television show for MTV aimed at educating the public about contemporary art. This was the second hand-painted book, the Whitney being the first, each page illustrates a segment describing content for the show. We had such a clear vision for this idea, took it to CAA Talent agency in Los Angeles. CAA Ceo, Michael Ovitz, who also was an avid art enthusiast and collector gave me an agent as we began the process to make the show. After numerous meetings, signs of encouragement and quite a bit of dinners and apple pie, nothing ever came of it. Today bad reality tv shows dominate our culture. There were a lot of innovative concepts that i won’t discuss here for obvious copyright protection that would be part of it’s content. But the show’s idea was to have interviews with art world personalities, dealers, artists, museum curators, directors a creating a visual window  to the ever Mysterious Art world.