Edition of 30. April 2016. 22x25”
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Since 1986 Quigley made 9 paintings of President Abraham Lincoln. From 2011-213 he painted at The Bradford Mill Wheelhouse/Artspace in Concord, MA, creating 2 of the 9 Lincoln paintings. His second floor studio was located in a space called ArtScape, a small but integral part of the 1905 historic landmark, renovated in 2011 by John and Johanna Boynton. The couple purchased his 6th Lincoln portrait and since now own over 16 Quigley works. The painting again strongly illustrates an on going interest in combining abstraction and the vigor of Twombly or Pollock with the figurative discipline of Goya, Picasso, Bacon or Lucien Freud. While working on Lincoln #6 , he met and talked at length with Pulitzer Prize winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin, a Concord resident who wrote Team of Rivals and was working on the screenplay for the Oscar winning Steven Spielberg film Lincoln. John Boynton is now Quigley's business manager.

This Print was created from the original 5 x 4 foot painting by PitchBlack Editions also located in the Bradford Mill Wheelhouse.

Lincoln Print Edition of 30
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