John Adams


Panel 1

This painting is the first Panel of a 32 ft Painting divided into 5 Separate Paintings or Sections.

Paul Giamatti played John Adams in 2008 based on the 2001 Pullitzer Prize winning biography by author David McCullough. Both Adams and Giamatti are being used symbolically in the first Panel as two individuals who, through their focus and work parallel a cultural and political compassion for nostalgia and tradition. The broken up space, compartmentalized sections, and fluid lines break up the canvas into sections referencing influences like Martin Kippenberger, Roy Lichtenstein, Gary Stephan, Condo, DeKoonings late ribbon paintings, Brice Marden and John Singer Sargent. The divisions and comparisons in pallete, choice of color, line and form are also an attempt to unite both the figurative and abstract elements while referencing a trip through American art history. Giamatti and Adams evoke a similar aesthetic value and voice, embracing the challenges that were set in Our Constitution. The painting conveys a message that Adam's ideologies have to be reckoned with although the times and society have drastically changed. Through this portrait, Quigley further emphasizes that Giamatti's overall work, and not just his portrayal of Adams, attempts to uphold these formalities and morals in all his roles. His characters almost as if a high school coach in a small midwest town, lead and inspire through his conviction the guidelines passed down over 230+ years, as we set new standards for growth, independence and peace in very vulnerable times historically.

Panel 1 of 6 individually framed Paintings.
Oil, acrylic, collage on canvas 74x74” Framed April 2016

Price Upon Request. Please Contact Karl Hutter Fine Art