James Watt 2014

This is my first Attempt at Genius

Oil, Acrylic, oil crayon, pencil on Canvas
63 x 50" 2013-2015

The painting is layered in metaphors and meaning again continuing a consistent theme in the artists language and storytelling. Quigley's canvases are sometimes painted as a novel and each section a chapter leading up to an end or reason for his choices. He had an idea to create a series called "the Explorers" Started in 2015 by adding portraits and biographies on top of existing abstract works. In this painting Italian Explorer, Christopher Columbus and James Watt, a Sottish Chemist and Engineer are the focus in this painting. He used their images as a metaphor for a point in his career where he is trying to hold onto past tendencies while attempting to challenge new direction and language in his creative process. Comparing the quest of an artist to an inventor or explorer. "I moved to the East end because I love DeKooning. His Yellows and Pallette came to life immediately. This painting is a reaction to the light in East Hampton."

John and Johanna Boynton 2016
Concord, MA