It’s When He First Broke

It's When He First Broke Off From the Other Guys"

oil, charcoal, crayon on canvas Framed
73 x 73" 2013-2016

After completing a very figurative show at Karl Hutter Gallery in April 2016, while going through a rough time with losing close friend, Paul Tillotson to cancer, the new paintings are entitled "Skrapstractions: The Comedy Series"
"Paul always wanted to have fun. The seriousness and work ethic came through everytime he sat down at any piano. I wanted these paintings to reflect that passion and love. I wanted to try and laugh and celebrate life in these new works. If the paintings at Karl's Gallery were about the direction of the country and Pre Election craziness, these paintings were just about trying to have fun, while returning to something that was visceral and based on the subconscious through Abstraction."

Price Upon Request.