Gene Tunney

I saw this great Mondrian painting in Washington DC at the Phillips Collection. The painting gave me ideas to start framing my small figurative and abstract paintings behind glass , and a frame within a frame. I asked the brilliant framer Dan Meeks at BordersFraming NY to help execute these concepts. We have made about 20 paintings in this manner. It allows you to really see the piece, giving it a reverence that allows you to focus on the color and marks in the painting.
I love supporting anything Military. Tunney was a Marine. He was a Natural Skrapper. Tunney was a thinking fighter who preferred to make a boxing match into a game of chess, which was not popular during the times when such sluggers as Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb and Mickey Walker were commanding center stage. Tunney's style was influenced by other noted boxing thinkers such as James J. Corbett and Benny Leonard.

Oil, oil crayon on canvas
30 x 40” Framed by BordersFraming East Hampton
July 2017

SOLD / Karl Hutter Fine Art.
Brian and Liz Harding Weinstein