Detail of Biggie Smalls

This is a detail in the Painting What’s the definition of Serve? And Deserve?

Quigley states the reason for the painting was: "For years I have been trying to preach peace. Not only all the senseless crime in a Nation that should be supporting each other. Especially now. But also Living in Tribeca NY, 7 blocks from 9/11 in 2001 when the World Trade Centers were hit. And living in Los Angeles, celebrating his birthday April 29, 1992 when the LA Riots escalated right outside his studio walls. Both were like war zones. "Finally hit me"

The painting questions our own violence and crime daily in the US. The soldier in the painting is a Marine from Texas, who did 3 tours in the Middle East, and wanted to remain unnamed. Quigley tries to support Soldier Ride , Wounded Warrior Project and other VET oriented charities through his work. The Marine stated in a phone conversation, "how he remembers the faceless children wearing American Brand clothing running all over the streets of Afghanistan. We didn't know if they were good or bad kids." Quigley added last minute a portrait of George Latore Wallace, aka NOTORIOUS B.I.G. wearing a signature Coogi Sweater, to further emphasize how the powerful messages behind Art, Music, and Culture can impact and inspire society when focused on the positive.