Be Prepared Before Getting in the Ring

I Always thought one should be Prepared Emotionally, Intellectually, and Psychically before getting in the Ring.
In 1999 I started painting a series of turn of the century boxers and pugilists named Scrappers by their contemporaries. Struggling to make a living painting, I started to see some similarities between athletes, prize fighters and artists, who all "train" hard for their next meal while fighting to pay the bills. My metaphorical comparisons led to a company I called "Skrapper". It's concept was in order to compete, be prepared Emotionally, Intellectually and Psychically to get in the Ring, or otherwise the "Art World." The boxers were specifically chosen as subjects for my struggle while learning how to become a better painter. Writing in painting, and words as content has always intrigued me.

Oil, oil crayon on canvas
42 x 33” Framed by BordersFraming NY
July 2017

Price Upon Request Karl Hutter Fine Art.