A Few Good Candidates


Panel 4

2016 is a crucial year and election. This painting the 4rth panel in the series studies our past history reflecting not only on how we arrived at our current position politically, but our need for caution and self governing by uniting our homes and communities going forward. Instead of so much division and unrest it’s a time to Unify despite the politics, politicians and policies unraveling us with turmoil. Recognizing we are all Americans and not undivided by political polls. Making good decisions daily, consideration for others, respect for hard work, for all who honestly try to feed their families, and continuing to help others who may need a boost, is the core of our strength. Abusing others civil and rights to protection just destroys any chance of unity allowing an easy target for outside threats.

Panel 4 oil, pastel, collage on canvas 84 x 28” April 2016

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